Music EasyTracks

Music EasyTracks, in addition to being a great Karaoke player allows you to record your own voice or instrument music on the most common file type Midi, Kar, MP3, Wave, etc, resulting in a sound base Audio excellent quality.

With support for Sounds Virtual SF2 (SoundFont) the midifile will get an excellent sound.

Music EasyTracks is able to read and affect your performance singing or instrumental multitrack audio file of the latest generation .xmt; in this case it will be possible to intervene on the audio tools that compose it, and insert your own voice or musical instrument.

Thanks to its tools of Music EasyTracks, you can get a basic multi-track your performance with the advantage of being able to correct even then, the audio levels of the song multitrack obtained, and eventually turn it into a wave file with a perfectly balanced sound, achievable only with professional software and sound card details.

SIAE Software Registration n. 14-05-2015/009672

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