Multitracks: record, play and sing your music

Welcome to the website dedicated to your music! Our exclusive and super updated file format is designed just for those who, like you, love to record original creations, with the exclusive opportunity to distribute them on all the digital stores, or do karaoke on the notes of the best Italian and international artists.

We have developed a file dedicated to the management of multimedia tracks, which are synchronous and independent among them. For your music, the Multitrack .XMT file, unlike MP3, consists of one single file with multiple audio tracks, where you can intervene by changing its structure.

For example, you can remove the tools or change the volumes, to have a perfectly customized base. The final product can easily be saved as Wave or MP3, getting a music file suitable for your needs.

Share your music and earn!

With EasyTracks Music you can also become the distributor of your creations … After having created your songs, MultiTracks gives you the opportunity to distribute them on all the digital stores (iTune, Spotify, YouTube, Cubomusica, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Dailymotin, Digiteka, Muzak , etc.,) for free and getting money with streaming and download!

How does the distribution work?

Through a partnership with POMODORO STUDIO and other publishing and recording music companies, all those who purchase on the MultiTracks store the Professional version of “EasyTracks Music” software, can request, by sending an e-mail to, the realization of a “backstage”, a personal label where to publish from your web desk your own audio and video creation.

From the “backstage” you can daily contro the spread of your own music, measure your success and control the economic returns obtained.

An opportunity to grow that only MultiTracks offers to its most trusted customers!

Let your Talent be known!

Each view and download of your creations, as well as make you earn money, will let you know on the music scene.


What about ? We have multitracks backing tracks in .XMT file format… backing tracks in .MP3 file format (see )… software for managing multimedia and multitracks files… info: 00393803077111

MULTITRACKS was founded in 2014 and had developed a file format for managing multimedia tracks synchronized and independent among each other. This innovation opens applications in various sectors: music, communication, training…..

Managing a container file (sharable) with audio, video and other format tracks, synchronized among each other but maintaining their individuality
Possibility to use cheap hardware e software for applications earlier dedicated to professionals
Possibility to grow a container file adding new synchronized tracks in a quick and cheap way.
Remember: Download the DEMO in order to open the .XMT backing tracks


  • Music: karaoke, music training, musical show, entertainment
  • Training: creating training multimedia interactive tools
  • Medical: off site training, base and specialist medical reports